project vs product

Words matter.

I can use the words
projects / products
interchangeably as
I just build something I deliver.

Using the word product
makes it more result-oriented,
even though it is the same
in this context.

Simple WordPress development setup.

One configuration file, and two commands, – let docker-compose.yml contain:

version: '2'
    image: mariadb
      - ./mariadb:/var/lib/mysql
    image: wordpress
      - 3002:80
      WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: mariadb
      - ./www:/var/www/html

And then run these two commands:

docker-compose up
npx browser-sync start --proxy "localhost:3002" --files www/**

Voila, development wordpress installation, with automatic reload ūüôā

Just create your development repository in www/wp-content/plugins/, make a symlink to it for easy access, and start coding…


Notice: List of dance events has moved to events.

Dance notes (in progress)

My dance

I prefer fusion dance, such as contact-tango.
My roots come from argentine tango (since 2003),
and later many other dances, both solo and social.

Get in touch, if you feel like a dance exchange,
especially if you have different dance roots than I,
as that often lead to interesting

Chronological notes and experiences:

  • 2018-04-05 point of weightlessness, when walking heel first
  • 2018-03-28 exercise: clap-patterns for measure crowd musicality, standing “push-ups” for teaching connection.
  • 2018-03-22 deciding to log dance experiences to remember them
  • 2018-03-21 using momentum/jerk of leg/arm to extend movement of the body
  • 2018-03-19 mythological dance: connection between Ask Yggdrasil and the chakras
  • 2017-10-03 “light fibers” during dance
  • 2017-10-03 slowness as source of intensity
  • 2017-10-02 stopping and ask participants to reflect with each other during dance class
  • The dance trance, forget the border between oneself and the universe
  • Use mythological figures and archetypes in the dance, like the indian Shiva(tandava), the eagle(shamanic),¬†Ś§©(tai chi), the norse and greek gods, warrior(african dance), etc.
  • When not knowing what to do, breath and feel the connection between the foot and the floor
  • You dance with the floor, the partner, the music, and much more
  • Remember and join the intention of each of the trillions of cells of our body



  • Walking, one blind-folded, and one protecting against collisions.
  • Standing – connection – just initiating movement from center to partners feet
  • Just walking to music in the direction of the dance.
  • The embrace: hug, and then release one arm. (show example of good/bad hugs, for laughs and rememberance)
  • Dance with objective of minimising distance between oneself and the couple in front (good for teaching floorcraft).
  • “Look ma’, no hands”: visual connection, chest connection
  • Connection through various points: shoulders, head, stomach, fingers, …
  • Musicality: same song (different versions / artist) through most the lesson, to get to know its structure well, and make it easier to play with
  • Dancing individual instruments.
  • Being slow and fast on the beat. Going against the beat. Walking individually and in couples.
  • Make a dance of just walking. Make it interesting through music.
  • Crossed/parallel system.
  • Lead without walking, counter lead (from standing)
  • Enumerate all possibilities of where to move.
  • Mirror figure
  • Reverse in middle of figure
  • Front to back connection (show-dance-like, but can be good in social too)
  • Follower closes eyes and connects with hand to leads center, to origin of movement.
  • Blindfolded couple + one/two caretakers
  • Changing roles, changing roles during dance, diffused roles
  • Balloon dance
  • Arms along stick/broom behind neck, – practice dissociation
  • Leader impulse – follower intepretation – leader following the follower


  • Warm-up: starting/dancing with feets moving upwards through all body parts
  • Aikido/chi energy
  • Different origins of movement in the body
  • Off-balance