Rasmus Erik

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  • One man company, see solsort.com
  • Libraries, data science, web, decentralisation, virtual reality
  • Code: JavaScript – React and node.js. Python, C/C++, Clojure
  • Programming, designing, teaching, organising, and dancing
  • Master's degree in Computer Science

This is a personal website. Some content is in danish, but most is in english.

Diverse skriverier, – det meste indhold er på engelsk.

Website status:

  • October 2019:
    • added activity: Fusion Friday.
    • reorganising the website in progress

Roadmap for the website

  • extend the blog-generator to support multiple sites
    • kodekunstner, bibspire, wordpress-workshop, kbhfar
  • better handling of 404
  • move relevant chronological notes into
  • fill out content in list of projects
  • photos
  • images+description in applist